What to expect

What do people wear?

Some people dress casually and others dress up in suits and dresses. We’re glad that no one feels compelled to follow a dress code. On average, people are dressed in “nice casual.” Don’t worry about it though. We will just be glad to see you!

How will I be greeted?

Our people are friendly, but respectful of your privacy. We have greeters on the front porch of the sanctuary and stationed in entrance areas. They are there to be helpful, available if you need them, and to make sure you know you are welcome.

How long is the worship service?

It generally lasts 60 – 70 minutes.

When does the worship service begin and end?

Sunday morning worship begins at 10:30 a.m. and ends 11:30-11:45 a.m.

What happens with the children during the worship service?

There is a nursery for infants through age 3. Children age 4 through 3rd grade will go to Children’s Church in the Children’s Area. Children who are in 4th grade and above will attend regular worship in the sanctuary.

What kind of music is heard in the worship service?

We have what is commonly called a blended service. We still sing the beautiful traditional hymns of the church, sometimes using new arrangements that keep them fresh and meaningful. We also sing many of the most popular new praise and worship songs. Our focus is on pleasing God with sincere, heartfelt worship, not promoting any one musical style.

What happens in the worship service?

We sing songs, read scripture, listen to musical specials, pray, take up an offering, hear a message from the minister, and sometimes enjoy drama, videos, personal testimonies, or other special features.

What is expected at offering time?

We believe the giving of an offering is an act of worship, therefore offering plates are passed during the service. Visitors are not expected to put money in the offering plate unless it is something they want to do.

What should I expect from the sermon?

The sermons are normally 20-30 minutes long. The messages are always firmly grounded in the Bible and deal with common issues that we all face. The sermons reflect that we believe the answers found in the Bible will speak to all the challenges of life and can meet all our needs.

What version of the Bible is used?

We do not endorse any one translation. Some of our members still use the King James Version while many others use a variety of the more modern translations. The pastor generally uses the New International Version of the Bible during most sermons. The scripture that the pastor is using is always shown on a large screen at the front of the church so everyone will be able to follow along while he reads. There are also Bibles available in the back of the pews for you to use during services.